Refinish Your Door Staff

Bob Winstead-

Door Refinishing Artist

I have been in awe of the natural beauty of wood from the time I was 8 years old. I remember refinishing our dining room table with my father when I was 11. I watched as he sanded the wood and guided my hand to show me exactly how to coat it with stain and urethane. I remember feeling surprised and excited as each coat revealed more of the natural beauty of the wood.  In the end our table was transformed from a dull, dry piece of furniture into a thing of beauty.  

Refinishing a door gives me the same surprise and satisfaction I got from refinishing that dining room table. As I sand away the dull finish and apply each coat of urethane the way my father taught me, I am captivated by the process and by the beauty that is revealed in the finished product.  I am surely very lucky to have the opportunity to work with something I love so much.

"Bob Winstead did an outstanding job on our weather-beaten front door. He removed the door hardware, stripped the door down to the bare wood, filled and sanded it, and applied multiple coats of stain. We were delighted with the final result, and would highly recommend him."


Ellin Porterfield
Web Design/HR

I am a multimedia artist who loves creating with paint and paper and clay and metal, just about anything I can get my hands on. I also love weaving together a good story either on paper or on the stage.


Put that visual creativity together with storytelling and some technology, and you have website design.


I hope that the stories you see here will inspire you and show you what is possible when you take a worn out door and let an artist work his magic.