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We've now refinished 1000 doors!

A beautiful door

can make all the difference

in the appearance of your home.

I'm Bob Winstead, I created Refinish your Door and we have refinished 1000 doors so far....We are the experts at door refinishing with a proprietary system and maintenance program that can't be beat! 
Go outside and look at your front door.  The finish is constantly exposed to all sorts of harsh conditions from constant sun to rain or snow to changes in temperature.  Does your door look dry or dull? Not as beautiful as it did when it was new?

A beautifully restored door can make all the difference in the look of your whole house. Using a technique I have developed over years of working with wood, with sanding and stain, several coats of clear finish and a touch of artistry, I can restore your door to its original beauty, or better. 

"Bob did a wonderful job on my door. He was always on time. He was easy to reach and very responsive. I wish I had found him sooner. Highly recommend."

​Bob Winstead is very professional and an expert at what he does. He refinished our wood front door. He has a very methodical process that he uses to ensure that each door is finished beautifully and precisely. Our doors look beautiful and we are confident that they will stay looking great for years to come.

Before- this door was dry and damaged from exposure to sun and weather.

Old finish is totally removed, door is ready for stain and clear protective finish.

The finished product! With a yearly maintenance coat, this door will continue to look as good as it does today.

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